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You can do something about your electric costs!

mad-as-hell-web-687x1024-201x300The Electric Mad Saver 1100 is a Electric Power Recycling “Watts” Storage Device made in America, and designed to lower power costs for businesses and homeowners to reduce wear and tear on your electrical appliances and equipment. In addition, the Electric Mad Saver 1100 helps protect your home or business from the damage of power surges!

Our Electric Mad Saver 1100 energy saving device is designed to optimize electrical motors and reduce amperage and heat generation, which results in a lower consumption of electricity.

This technology reclaims, stores and supplies power to inductive motors and loads.

All induction loads consume two kinds of power: (1) Reactive Power, and (2) Working Power of KW.

Working power performs the application or the work of the motor.
The only function of reactive power is to develop an electromagnetic field to ground induction windings. EMF’s).


Our consumer components are UL and CUL listed and manufactured exclusively in the USA! The Electric Mad Saver 1100 is useful for industrial applications, where utilities charge the user based on PFC rather than real power.

The Electric Mad Saver 1100 equipment comes as stock equipment to fit anywhere at home, office or factory and can also be custom made to suit a specific need. Use of our power saving equipment has seen energy savings go as high as 25% on the monthly power bill.

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