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The answer to this question is anyone who has distance between the power company’s meter and their motors, but let’s take a closer look. A homeowner may or may not have a good distance between their main A/C unit and power meter. Some homes do, some homes don’t. However, many businesses most certainly do! A 20,000 square foot factory will definitely have motors in the middle or on the opposite side of the property (in relation to the power meter) with electricity losses that can be corrected.
For Example: Let’s say the electric company’s power meter is on the west side of a 200 x 100 square foot building. There are motors on the far end of the factory that run 12 hours (cycling off and on) every day. That is 180+ feet from the power meter! If the property has multiple motors, you can help them save on their electric bill even more. This is a prime example of how you can help a business owner save a lot of money on their electric bills.

1. Find out how many amps that motor is pulling when it’s on and size the correct model for it using the guide above.

2. Check to see if there are other motors far away from meter that you can help correct, like rooftop A/C units, elevator motors, pool pump motors, refrigeration motors, etc.


3. We will measure those motors with an amp meter and size the correct model for that unit.

This is the easiest way to determine how many units a commercial/large property needs in order to get the best results possible for your locations.