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WHAT IS POWER CORRECTION: The electric power recycling storage devices manufacturer which we represent uses established, proven technology, we have developed a range of electric power recycling storage device units to improve operating efficiency of electrical systems and reduce electricity costs for our customers. Our electric power Recycling storage device units use high quality, reliable capacitors that compensate for the re-active power demand; restoring power factor as near to unity as is possible.

power-correctionWhat is a electric power recycling storage devices?

Electric power recycling storage is a way of describing how efficiently electrical power is being used. Power (kVA) is made up of two components, useful power (kW) and re-active power (kvar). Useful power is the power required to successfully complete the task while re-active power does not contribute to achieving the task, however costs the customer in additional kWh charges.

What does electric power recycling storage devices do for your business or home?

It is the shock absorber of your Electric Power Distribution, it can be connected at source (Main Distribution Board) or even very close to the load. Our electric power recycling storage devices reduces current in your system, eliminates Reactive Power Charges from your supplier and improves your Power Quality including CO2 Emissions.

Why install a system?

By installing a electric power recycling storage device unit, you will reduce electricity costs, improve the quality of power supplied to electrical equipment, and increase the supply capacity, Poor Power Factor Correction adds costs in four main ways:

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